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Best Exercise Bike• An Exercise Bike is healthy, fun, affordable.

• The cost of an Indoor Bike will pay for itself many times over versus annual gym memberships costs.

• Each quality Bike model in our Shop selection is chosen for their positive Four Star customer reviews.

• Read the reviews to see why folks choose these quality Exercise Bikes to use anytime in their increased cardiovascular health program, while in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

An Indoor Bike used in the comfort of your own home is an investment in your well-being and your future. So why wait. Let’s start your increased cardiovascular program this week with a new piece of home gym equipment just for you!


-Upright Exercise Bike-

Upright Exercise BikeAn Upright Exercise Bike is the most common, and probably what you have in mind. You are sitting upright and a little forward on a comfortable padded seat with your feet on the pedals.

The control panel directly in front of you has well padded handles ( often like bull horns ) built in left and right that you lean forward on and hold for support and body rigidity while you pedal.

The Upright Exercise Bike seat and control panel with handles in front of you are adjustable for your height, reach and length of legs.

-Recumbent Exercise Bike-

Recumbent Exercise BikeHave a concern about your lower back and strain? Than let’s talk about a Recumbent Exercise Bike for your cardiovascular workout.

A totally different design meant to support the lower back while you are getting your workout. You are actually in a “laying back” position, much closer to the ground. Your legs are out straight in front of you on the pedals and you are sitting on a typically wider seat.

The jewel of the Recumbent Exercise Bike is the backrest. You are now leaning back with much more support and comfort, holding horizontal handles that are located right beside your seat. You are in a stronger more stabilized position. Whether your age or back issues are concerning you, a Recumbent Exercise Bike offers that additional support so you can still get “bike time” safely and comfortably. The Best Exercise Bike for you just might be a Recumbent Exercise Bike!

-Folding Exercise Bike-

Folding Exercise BikeYes, a Folding Exercise Bike is as it sounds. If you are short on space or just want to put the bike away after your Exercise Bike ride, than I suggest you take a look at these. They set up and fold up nicely. Just ride till your heart ( and legs ) content, than fold up and put away in half the space.

A Folding Exercise Bike is a definite possibility for studios or small apartments. Also a great choice if you are on a budget as they are made for portability so they are often more affordable.


TreadmillsTreadmills are a great choice if your plan includes running and walking. Walking on the continuous belt indoors is great in bad weather or just to save time and money at a gym. Set the speed/tension and often even the grade to a comfortable pace. Hold light weights as you walk for added cardiovascular results.

If you like to multi task than take a look at the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk which is a medium size treadmill coupled to a very functional desk so you can work and walk in the same work space. Treadmills typically ‘fold up’ vertically for easy storage against any unused wall type space.

Rowing Machines-

Rowing MachinesRowing Machines are one of my favorite types of Exercise Equipment, especially in the summer and you get that breeze from the turbine ( wheel ) at your feet while rowing. Sit straight in a relaxed type of position ( no backrest), legs out in front, feet in the stirrups, grasp the pulley and pull as you push with your feet.

The seat slides forward as the pulley pulls you in, than you push back with your legs as you pull back on the pulley (rowing motion) again. Once you get the rhythm it is very enjoyable and strengthening as you work your arms,shoulders,legs together.

Most Rowing Machines use pulley systems except the Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rowing Machine which uses a piston hinged bar on each side of the seat to simulate rowing more accurately it seems. You be the judge.

best exercise bike shopThe WaterRower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor is actually made of REAL ASH WOOD. Great for a workout as well as a handsome accent piece in your home.


EllipticalsWhat we used to call ‘steppers’ are now Ellipticals and for good reason. You are standing up vertically with your feet on ‘steps’ that you will be pushing up and down (like going up stairs) while you are holding vertical bars in front of you beside the control panel.

The bars you hold move with a push/pull motion while you are stepping up and down at the same time. It can be a bit more of a cardiovascular workout for some. But if you have used one before, you might enjoy the elliptical machine as it offers results fast.

Most models have simply the 2 moveable bars in front to grasp, although some models here offer 4 bars ( 2 are moveable and 2 are stationary) so you can choose if you want to workout your legs and arms, or just concentrate on your legs while you grasp the fixed bars.

best exercise bike shopThe Livestrong LS8.0E and the Spirit Esprit EL-455 are two of those models offering (4 grips) both the moveable and fixed vertical bars so you can hold on tight. An increased cardiovascular workout as you move all four limbs at once in a rhythm.

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