Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent Exercise Bike


Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent Exercise Bike

A Recumbent Exercise Bike is an exercise bike where you are “lying down”. The dictionary definition is that simple.

A Recumbent Bike lets you sit in a laid back reclining position, distributing your weight more evenly and supporting your back with a full back assembly. You lean back as you pedal, the back support and side handles aid in keeping you seated correctly, steady and in-line.


Recumbent benefits #2.

The Recumbent Bike may have a larger seat offering additional comfort and support. This helps your weight to be distributed more evenly, supporting your lower back more effectively.


* If you have any joint or diagnosed back problems, a Recumbent  Bike can be much more comfortable and safer for your exercise use. A Recumbent exercise bike might be a better choice for you if you have these type of concerns and should be discussed with your physician.


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