Essential Rings 2.0 – Gymnastic Fitness Crossfit Exercise Training Gym Pull Ups

Essential Rings 2.0 - Gymnastic Fitness Great for Crossfit Exercise Training Gym Pull Ups
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  Product Features Simple to setup and use Nearly unlimited variations of body weight exercises Includes: 2 Gymnastic Rings & 2 16′ Straps with Buckles Adjustable Product Description This pair is made from high strength PVC. Supported by 16′ adjustable straps that allow for mounting in a variety of locations. There are endless amounts of exercises that can be accomplished on these rings everything from push ups to muscle ups! Best rings for the buck! If you’re a crossfit junkie like me, then you know the importance of having access to a set of rings and these are the best there are. Strong enough to take all the abuse you can dish out, as well as being fully adjustable. I am 250lbs and have performed countless kipping pull-ups and kipping muscle ups on them with no signs of cracks or breakage and that to me says a lot! Great Product These rings are great! I use them for CrossFit training and find that the portability of this particular product makes working out while traveling so much more convenient. The rings are constructed well and the accompanying straps are easy to adjust and appear safe for larger people. Fast shipment. WOW So I bought this thinking it would rarely be used except for specific Crossfit WOD’s. I now use it 4-5 times a week. It makes pushups, pullups, dips & rows twice as hard. I HIGHLY recommend. The setup is easy & holds me without slipping & I weighed 280 when first purchased Cheap and effective…good buy I had been putting off getting rings for awhile now and could have easily made my own while i was stationed in the states. However, now i am overseas and don’t have the luxury of making my own, so these worked perfect. Yes they feel cheap a

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